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Dirty Laparoscope? Get Trocar Sweep.

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The Problem

a serious issue

  • Fluid in the abdomen deposits on the camera lens, trocar and trocar valve and obscures the view.
  • When removed both need to be cleaned.
  • Currently surgeons use cotton tipped applicators or 4X4 gauze on an instrument.


powerful in its simplicity

  • Trocar Sweep was developed by an advanced laparoscopic surgeon.
  • After pulling out the lens to clean the trocar, the surgeon uses Trocar Sweep to quickly clean it.
  • Decreases operating time
  • Decreases time without visualization.

How It Works

about Trocar Sweep

  • Single rod.
  • Closely approximates inner diameter of trocar.
  • Wicking action pulls fluid off the trocar.
  • Designed for single-use.
  • Designed for 5mm trocars.
  • Sold in packs of three.